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Designer and manufacturers of Land Rover
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Welcome to David Bowyer's Off Road Centre
David Bowyers Off Road Centre and 4x4 Adventures are proud to be associated with GLASS.

Unsure of where you can go greenlaning, act responsibly and follow GLASS advice and Greenlane code of conduct.

GLASS recently spend some time on our purpose made driver training course, please watch the Video for more info.

A New Beginning
Having sold Goodwinch Limited to Will Webster in April of 2018, Will moved the main winch business to Gunn, Nr Barnstaple. I (David Bowyer) am now fortunate enough to have nice workshops and stores to carry on with a small business to keep me occupied in my semi-retirement! I am keen to put my time to design, develope and manufacture Land Rover accessories using my many years experience both working and enjoying Green Laning in Land Rovers during the last 30 years. I have all the facilities I need to prototype and bring into life all manner of useful accessories for your Land Rover. You can read more on our full About page and the Land Rover Legends feature, reproduced with the kind permission of Land Rover Monthly magazine. Please note, after opening feature we recommend you zoom in to make textable more readable.
David Boyer has launched his second product, Land Rover Seat Riser Spacer Kits, in his own words "For short people who can’t see over steering wheel, the fitting of these spacers under your seat frame on Land Rover will make driving so much safer. And just as important, if you are tall, you can move the seat further back.". Kits consist of a full set of machined aluminium spacers complete with bolts giving a 2” (20mm) on the back and 1” (25mm) on the front lift of the driver’s seat. See the product page for info.
"Roof Locker's"® public launch
Land Rover "Roof Locker's"® public launch took place at the 2018 LRO Peterborough Show. Using David's perfect Defender 90 (perfect coined by LRO) as the demo vehicle, there was plenty of interest in the Roof Lockers, David and Larry having a very busy weekend! Perfect 90 article reproduced with the kind permission of Land Rover Owner International magazine.
We all know that there is a lack of storage space inside a Land Rover. David Bowyer has the answer to this problem. He has developed a tried and tested Land Rover "Roof Locker" to hide your clean clothes, or waterproofs when Green Laning, or maybe valuables like a Laptop, or personal belongings. In fact anything you would like to hide from sight! Apart from giving security and keeping your Land Rover tidier, the fitting of a David Bowyer "Roof Locker" adds sound insulation making driving more pleasurable especially on long journeys. When Off Roading, you certainly don’t want all your good clean stuff mixed up with your off road gear, do you? David has more than proved his "Roof Locker" concept during the last 10 years of Green Laning in England and Wales. More details...