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David's series of off-road tutorials

I have included these tutorials that I originally wrote for Land Rover Owner magazine way back in the mid Nineties, well before all the new technology arrived with TD5 powered and more advanced engine Land Rover vehicles with ABS controlled ‘Hill Descent’, ‘Traction Control’ and automatic centre diff locking mechanisms, off road ‘Ride Height’ control by the touch of a button and vehicles now running on board ECU’s.

My series is all about driving those vehicles off road with the old technology, red, yellow and black gear knobs, and classic Range Rovers, along with Tdi 90/110 and Tdi Discoveries which were still coil sprung, but all you see here is equally good knowledge for owners of more modern air suspension, all singing and dancing Puma Defenders, New Defenders, Discoveries, Freelanders, Range Rovers and other modern 4x4s.

The real point is, if you are new to 4x4 scene and now own one of these magnificent vehicles, my series here will give you an insight into how capable your vehicle is. How to prepare yourself, prepare your vehicle and prepare where to drive off road, my three ‘P’s.

Having read my series, why not contact James Trembath from 4x4adventures who has much experience in all the newer vehicles, and indeed the early models, and runs the Driver Training courses at our centre.

Hopefully too, you will pick up safe user techniques with using ropes for towing and recovery, Hi Lift jacks and winches. And again James runs courses here covering this entire field, along with discussing map reading.

You can never have enough experience in all this to do with off road and this is the place to learn from. We were the first place to open an Off Road Driver Training Centre in this country, 35 years ago.

Apologies for the poor reproduction of the pictures shown here. They are original scanned copies of pictures taken from the magazine 25 years ago when scanners were not as good as these days!

David Bowyer

Off-Roading Know-how – Steady As We Go

Off-Roading Know-how – Waterworld

Ropes for Towing

Ropes for Towing – Heavy Pulling

Using High Lift Jacks (Part 1)





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