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Introducing David Bowyer’s

Land Rover "Roof Lockers"

We all know that there is a lack of storage space inside a Land Rover.

David Bowyer has the answer to this problem.

He has developed a tried and tested Land Rover ‘Roof Locker’ to hide your clean clothes, or waterproofs when Green Laning, or maybe valuables like a Laptop, or personal belongings. In fact anything you would like to hide from sight!

Apart from giving security and keeping your Land Rover tidier, the fitting of a David Bowyer ‘Roof Locker’ adds sound insulation making driving more pleasurable especially on long journeys.

When Off Roading, you certainly don’t want all your good clean stuff mixed up with your off road gear, do you? David has more than proved his ‘Roof Locker’ concept during the last 10 years of Green Laning in England and Wales.

David Bowyer manufactures his Roof Lockers in Devon using high quality 9mm Birch plywood with a robust hard brown surface finish giving durability, with a hexagonal pattern underneath. This is supported on three aluminium channels fitted to specially made spacers hung below the top Land Rover side panels. The three channels have safety edgings underneath to protect one’s head when leaning in through the back door. The two fold down hatches come with piano hinges (which will be pre fitted for you) and are held up closed by a sliding bar system with a locking pin in place, or you could use a padlock. Average standard depth is 18cm x 100cm x width of roof. This depth of 18cm(7”) could be increased by using longer spacers if required, David can talk about your reguirements.

These ‘Roof Lockers’ are supplied as kits, all cut to size and come with all the fixings and instructions. The kits fit all Land Rover hardtop models, from Series II, 1958, right through to 2016 Defender 90 and 110. Please note : If any seats are fitted in the back, they should not be used as you will have a reduced headroom.



David Bowyer recommends that you take out the bulb from the rear interior lamp before installing the ‘Roof Locker’ as it would not be a good idea to have a hot bulb, or hot LED come into contact with the clothing or stuff bags. However, either take the bulb out, or fit a long LED light mounted above the rear door shinning into the ‘Roof Locker’ would be brilliant....excuse the pun! Why not use the type with a switch and wire the feed to the now unused interior lamp? You could also fit another LED underneath.

Not all Land Rovers have a roof with Alpine windows, but those that have, can block them out on the inside by rolling up a piece of dark material and wedging it down the edge to hide everything stored out of sight. Those that have mouldings around their side windows on original Station Wagons will have to trim the tops.

The launch price is £199 plus carriage, or collect from the next show.

For further information about this unique product, or to place an order, please contact David Bowyer at:

David Bowyer’s Off Road Centre
East Foldhay, Zeal Monachorum, Crediton, Devon, EX17 6DH.
Telephone: 01363 82782
Website: www.davidbowyer.co.uk Email:


To answer fitting questions please see our detailed Roof Locker Fitting Instructions.




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