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Series One

For many of you reading this, I am sure that some of you must have some interest in early Land Rovers made in Solihull between 1948 and 1958. Some of you might already own a Land Rover Series One and others may even be thinking of trying to buy one.

From my point of view, if I hadn’t had the opportunity to start driving them when I was a lad on my Father’s building site, I wouldn’t be where I am now. And even more so, if I hadn’t joined the merry bunch of Land Rover Series One enthusiasts in the late 70’s and helped to turn this wonderful group into ‘The Land Rover Series One Club’, I certainly would not have followed my instincts to found Britain’s Four Wheel Drive magazine called ‘Overlander 4x4’ and come on from there.

It all happened to come together in my thoughts over Christmas 1981. I was in the flooring industry at the time and I much preferred the Land Rover scene, having already owned and swapped a number of them since the mid 70’s and saw a very fast progression of the Series One Club in such a short time. I realised that my future could be in publishing a Land Rover magazine as there was nothing like it on the market at the time, and that’s exactly what I did.

In Gary Pusey’s Legend feature in the previous section you can see how things progressed for me over the years.

This section is to show my appreciation for those early days to not only those members of the Club, but also to the whole of Land Rover Series One Club. So thanks guys for getting me out of a rut (please excuse the pun!) and giving me an interesting future in the Land Rover and 4x4 scene.

So may I say whatever your interests might be in Land Rover Series Ones, even though it may only be a passing interest, if you are not already a member, go and join the club now? The club produces a wonderful informative newsletter called Legend six times a year containing a vast amount of historical articles, technical information and stories about the marque. They have an amazingly comprehensive club shop carrying a vast range of spares, both original and remanufactured parts to original specification of components that have become obsolete, and a team of very active and knowledgeable committee members, with an active forum to answer your questions. They regularly attend shows and events here and abroad.

The Land Rover Series One Club is the largest Land Rover club in the world and have over 3,000 members worldwide.

Go now to lrsoc.com to see their comprehensive website.  Their brochure is here.

As for myself, I did own for about 25 years a Series One Station Wagon called Sybil SYB 617, but rather stupidly let her go because I didn’t have time to use her much. Fortunately after not owning a Series One for such a long time, I now have another Station Wagon 7902 DF, an ex RAF vehicle which I have taken over from Andrew Stevens, one of the original founders of the Series One group of enthusiasts, who as a Vicar owned and used DF for 42 years as his daily runabout around his parishes.

I am looking forward to this year hopefully getting back to some form of new normality and displaying DF at some Shows and meeting like minded enthusiasts.

I attach a gallery of a few pictures of DF... must think of a name for him, though DF is fine.

Enjoy your Land Rovering,

David Bowyer


Read more about DF in a new feature written by Louise Limb in "Land Rover Classic" magazine in the issue arriving on the newsagents' shelves early March.



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